Swedish Pubnite raised 2.4k for the annual camp of Swedish School!

Photo: A happy Monica Olofsson, chair of the Swedish Cultural Society, with the Pubnite guest Bo-Christer

Photo: A happy Monica Olofsson, chair of the Swedish Cultural Society, with the Pubnite guest Bo-Christer

Thank you everyone who came and enjoyed the fundraising event at Swedish Pubnite!   We raised $2.4k for the Swedish School camp in early June!   This way, all our families can afford attending our amazing camp for Swedish speaking kids, of all ages.

A special thank you to those who donated their time organizing, cooking, compiling music, making quizzes, MC-ing, setting up, cleaning and helping out in any other way!  We especially want to thank the following incredible people who made our event a very successful one!

  • First of all, Carina Spencer for not only cooking delicious food for 80 people,  but also donating the food!
  • Mike MacFarlane for acting as our MC and for preparing and leading two entertaining rounds of the pubquiz with his wife Lotta.
  • The people who organized and volunteered at the event: Carina Spencer, Eva Robertson, Monica Olofsson, Johan Backström, Bradley Budden, Anette Anastacio, Mia Logie, Niklas Mesgara, and Annie Kvick.
  • Susanne Robb for bringing half of her high school class to the event.
  • Lotta and Mike Macfarlane for bringing a large group of  lively friends to the pubnite!
  • All the people who came to our event!

We also want to express our gratitude to the Swedish Cultural Society and SWEA Vancouver for partnering with our school for this fundraising event. This was the first event that we have organized together, and let’s not make it the last one!

Finally we want to thank those who donated goods and services to our auction and draws!! Among them were:

The Board members and Teachers of the Swedish School of Vancouver


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