The School Year 2012-2013 is coming to an end

The school year is coming to an end. During the year we have all seen our children grow and develop as little human beings. We ask a lot of them. Not only to go to regular school but also to devote their free time to learn what we want them to learn, our beloved Swedish. Please show your kids how proud you are of them! And please also thank yourselves for finding the joy in sharing your culture and language with your kids!

Our teachers are an invaluable part of our school. From the board, our kids and all the parents: A heartfelt Thank You to Monica, Monica, Annie, Åsa, Inkeri, Jeanette, Silva and Ida for educating and caring about our children. You do an amazing job! Special thank yous to:

Monica Olofsson, who is retiring from her role as Swedish School teacher after trying to leave for a few years now. Her enthusiasm and energy has been a central part of our school and our Swedish community, and I am sure the other teachers and her kids will miss her dearly!

Inkeri Meharg, who has been an important contribution to our preschool classes for a couple of years. We and the kids appreciate the creativity and down-to-earth attitude that she beings with her!

Our school keeps changing and developing. We maybe did not get everything right this year, but most of it. A lot of that success is contributed to the devoted volunteers that make everything happen. Many helping hands make light work – thank you for contributing! Special thank yous to:

Lena Normen-Younger, who has been sharing her burning passion for the Swedish School educational curriculum and the Swedish community. She has put a lot of energy and soul into our school this year. We rest assured that she will keep up the energy in her role as a teacher, and perhaps rejoin the board again later.

Annie Kvick, who has served in various role as both teacher and board member through the years, even before she had kids of her own. It takes a special effort to be involved in the school in so many ways and for so long, please know that we do appreciate it and hope you will stay involved!

Sandra Benholm-Cheung, who with a one-year old, a school boy and entrepreneurial aspirations has been fighting hard to fit in board meetings between bedtimes and everything else.

We would also like to welcome:

Linda Stenström, who is moving to Vancouver in the fall with her family of husband and three girls. Linda will join us as a teacher and board member.

Åsa Svedberg, who in spite of a baby girl and toddler boy will join us on the board.

Jannicke Kitchen, who will the teachers and run the preschool class in Squamish.

We look forward to having you and working with you!

The Board


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