Sedin Corner Game Night Application submitted!

Hockey is a strong part of the Swedish cultural fabric. Many kids there grow up playing street hockey, and watch the major national and international championships. Sweden raises some great hockey talent, as we are well aware of here in Vancouver! Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Marcus Näslund, Mattias Öhlund, and  Mats Sundin are some of the famous Swedes that have played for the Canucks at some point. Not to mention the players that have played for some of the other amazing NHL teams.

The Swedish School of Vancouver just submitted an application to the Sedin Corner for an opportunity to attend a game night with 14 seats and some luxury treatment for hockey fans. If we are awarded this opportunity we will have to ask our amazing teachers to quickly design an internal challenge for our kids to win the seats! It will likely be for our older kids, so that 12 kids can attend with the supervision of two parents or teachers.

Hockey is something that Canada and Sweden have in common, and something that both countries identify strongly with. Attending a game night together as a school event would be such a great opportunity to strengthen our students’ appreciation of their Swedish-Canadian identities, and an amazing bonding experience! This could inspire our students for years to come, and I can see us bragging extensively about it on our blog and in the communities of ex-pat Swedish Schools and parents teaching their kids Swedish abroad.

Some kids find it difficult to learn by sitting in school benches, and tend to pay much more attention when the learning can be achieved through an active- or sporting-related situation. In particular boys tend to drop out of our curriculum at a higher rate, possibly to a great extent for this reason. If our application is granted, we could target hockey and sports as a theme for part of the school year to further enhance the benefit of this opportunity.

This certainly is something we could not afford unless we were to win one of the game nights so generously offered by the Sedin twins!

Cross your fingers everyone, and stay tuned!!


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