Summer Greetings!

I hope you are enjoying some sun, a few relaxing books and many good laughs with your children! We are spending our summer by a long stretch of white sand along Lake Huron in southwestern Ontario to catch up with our Canadian relatives, and finishing off with a short visit in Sweden. It is lovely, but I miss our friends and mountains and lovely summers in Vancouver! In spite of enjoying Canadian beaches, I am determined to post a few things on our blog to compensate for getting behind during this busy past year. With little kids dominating the household, time by the computer is almost like “free time” – an intellectual pursuit that helps to keep me sane. Thanks to this I noticed a request about information on how to choose an area to live in Vancouver, and I will be posting a response to this on the blog.

If you didn’t notice already this blog has a mix of blogs in both Swedish and English, even though our classes are taught in a Swedish-immersion fashion. This approach is a reflection of the backgrounds of the parents whose children compose our classes. Some parents only speak English, and we want to accommodate those parents who do so that when they are the one planning and organizing the kids’ activities, Swedish School remains an option. Therefor we try to make sure all vital information is in English, while leaving such information more directed towards the Swedish speaking parent in Swedish. I am hoping to post a more through explanation of this soon, but for now I will leave it at that. This has received some controversy in the SMUL community around the globe (, and we are happy to take comments on how you as a parent feel about this, if it matters to you!

Mia Logie, chair, Swedish School of Vancouver


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