Parent Discussion Evening: How to Support Your Child in Learning Swedish

A few weeks ago we hosted our inaugural evening aimed at discussing issues and inspiring each other on the challenging task of teaching your kids Swedish abroad. We had some wine, nibbled on cheese and sent the kids into the playroom with any English-speaking parents. In the next while I will post a series of blogs on a few reflections from the evening, combined with other experiences and knowledge. I am writing these blogs in English because I feel that teaching your kids Swedish abroad is a family decision. I also believe that most of our English-speaking parents want to be supportive, even if they do not have enough time or commitment to learn Swedish themselves.

These blogs will include information about Swedish TV and Apps, the importance of role models and community, thoughts on attitudes and approaches that work, as well as stories of children who refuse to speak and then picked it up as adults, children who refuse to speak even though they live with two Swedish-speaking parents and children’s experiences when visiting Sweden for the first time. I hope you will enjoy them!