Classes may be over but 2013 is not over yet!

It was a busy fall! In many ways I cannot even fathom why it turned out so busy, beyond having a family member starting kindergarten and another off to preschool. You would think that would free up some time, but it is also a major adjustment for the family. As a result we have not seen so many updates on the Swedish School blog. Do not fret: There have been a lot of things happening!

Apart from running our regular week-to-week activities we are planning a few other things. Following will be a series of postings that will address some of these things.

  • We attended the Nätverkskonferens in Washington this past October, and learned a lot about how other North American Swedish Schools run their activities. We met a bunch of new people who are just as excited and committed as us about raising bilingual kids. Much new energy and ideas that will grow into our activities in the year(s) to come.
  •  We got 14 tickets some of our children to attend a Canucks game, Thank You Sedin Corner! An excited account on how the evening went will follow 2014. This creates a platform on which to bring some added excitement into our classrooms, by reading and writing about hockey this winter.
  • This spring we will be introducing a new set of classes called the cultural school, for children with little or no prior exposure to the Swedish language.
  • On January 24th we will be hosting one of our major fundraisers, the Pubnight.
  • We had a successful fundraiser at the Swedish Julmarknad, as well as the currently ongoing hockey pool.
  • We received a $1K grant from the Riksföreningen Sverigekontakt, in support of our annual weekend camp coming up at the end of May 2014. Sverigekontakt also sent us a bag with children’s books, which is a very welcome refreshment of our library.
  • We are also looking into other grants and funding that we can apply for.